Upping the Dose

The last two nights, I’ve cried myself to sleep at about 6pm because I’ve felt so miserable. Based on that, I’ve decided to up my daily dose of oxycodone from 40mg to 60mg.

This morning, instead of waiting to get to work to take my first pill, I took it coming out of the shower. I’m at the train station now and, not surprisingly, feel pretty damn good.

For those unaware, oxycodone is pretty expensive (about $1 per mg) and, unless you have a steady income, I’d advise against getting involved with the stuff. I am able to afford my habit because I pull down a tidy sum at a major financial institution in NYC.

Ironically, my performance at work has actually been improving recently while my health has been going to shit. I actually have a very good job and doing well there is actually quite grounding and gives me something to look forward to.

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