New and Interesting Places to Purge

My manager took our team out for food and drinks after work today. I didn’t want to draw any undue attention to myself by sitting there without eating, so I tucked in an ate what was probably a reasonable amount of food (I’m not really sure how much that is these days to be honest).

Needless to say, the eating left me feeling extremely uncomfortable. Everyone else was doing shots and becoming pissed. I had taken some oxycodone right before going to the restaurant, so I was abstaining from alcohol and didn’t see much value in sticking around any longer. I excused myself and headed to Penn Station.

Once there, I headed to the bathroom for a quick purge, but didn’t have much time because my train was leaving. I decided to finish up in the bathroom on the train. While I was wrapping up, I get a knock on the door. I clean myself up, go to flush, and… nothing. Shit. So, I close the lid on the toilet to hide the mount of vomit in it and race walk three cars back, in the hopes that I will not have to run into the guy who found the surprise I left in the toilet. This was definitely not one of my finest moments. At least I got most of the food out.

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