“You Do Not Talk About Fight Club”

I was thinking about some of the stuff I’ve been talking about here and came up with a couple of things. First, it feels damn good to have a plan, even if it’s a dysfunctional, fucked up plan. Second, I think I have a better chance of my plan succeeding (do I really want it to?), if I can come up with a few non-negotiable rules a la Fight Club. I haven’t really thought too much about what those rules might be, so I’ll be doing most of this off the cuff.

1. You do not talk about The Plan.
2. You do not talk about your drug use.
3. Use your eating disorder as an excuse (it’s going to be impossible to hide, might as well blame all your ills on it).
4. You will always tell people you’re in treatment.
5. You will not get treatment.
6. You will not self-admit to the hospital.
7. You will not call a suicide hotline.
8. You will start cutting people out of your life.
9. You will continue to go to work.

Ok. I think that’s a good start. If anyone has any ideas, go ahead and throw them in the comments section. As I come up with more, I’ll come back and edit the original post (with a date stamp, to keep track of things).

19 November 2015:
10. Stay well rested.

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