Day 4

My aunt took my tale of woe very well and is being very supportive of what I’m dealing with. She was very positive about my prognosis and was pleased that I was facing my problems head on. I tried to explain to her that, while I was very much working to deal with my opiate addiction, I was quite content with my anorexia and didn’t really care if I saw any improvement with respect to that.

There was an amusing moment while I was dropping off my prescriptions last night. I had just given the pharmacist my Zubsolv prescription, when my aunt asked if I was still doing my stuff with beer. I told her I had stopped drinking because I have ‘something of a substance abuse problem’. Well, that made the pharmacist stop what she was doing, look right at me and give a knowing smile. Always nice to meet a pharmacist with a sense of humor.

On the anorexia front, it’s now been 4 days since I’ve eaten anything. I still have no desire to eat and don’t know if I’m going to eat at all while I’m in Connecticut. I am going to walk over to Kohl’s today and try on some kids jeans and see if I can find something long and thin enough.

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