Day 7

I’d like to apologize for getting a bit morose last night. It’s just that I think about death and dying a lot (my roommate says I idolize death). Anyway, sometimes the emotions associated with thoughts like that build up and, eventually, spill over. I am working on it, though progress is definitely slow.

I’ve got my Hazelden assessment redux this afternoon. It’s inconvenient having to come back for the same thing a second time, but they were nice enough to say that they’d wave the fee. Plus, I get a ‘bonus interview’ with their head psychiatrist on Wednesday because I am just that fucked up. I guess I’ll know by the end of the week whether they’ll let me into their program or not.

I feel sort of indifferent about the whole thing at this point. I really should be focusing more on my eating disorder right now. I’m just, and I know I’ve said this before, very tired.

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