Day 8

I’m the boy who cried wolf. I’ve made too many suicide attempts, too many plaintive posts to Facebook, too many comments on crazyboards and myproana. Nobody wants my drama anymore and I don’t blame them. I’m sorry if I’m filling up your inbox with my anorexic junkie posts.

I’m worthless. I can’t say no one will miss me when I’m gone because my kids sure as hell will, but I’m doing them a favor. They don’t need a fuck up like me in their lives.

I won’t be reaching out to anyone anymore. I’ll continue to post my thoughts here, but that’s it. Otherwise, I’ll just put my affairs in order and slowly disappear. I’ve always isolated in the past when I’ve felt like this, but it was never a conscious decision to do so. This time, I’ll be actively removing myself from social engagements and keeping to myself.

If I can figure out how to do a delayed email in gmail, I’ll pen a suicide note that I can continually delay until I die, at which point, it will automatically go out.

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