Day 9

I had a session with my psychiatrist this morning before work.  I broke down crying as I described how much I hated myself.  He put me back on lithium to help control my suicidal thoughts.  I guess that’s good.  I think he’s still waiting for the Pristiq to kick in and, with it, my appetite because we didn’t spend too much time on the fact that I haven’t been eating.

I also had a session with the head psychiatrist at Hazelden to see if I was stable enough to enter rehab.  I said the right things about wanting to get better and was sure to omit my current death wish and, voila, I’m in.  Someone should be getting in touch with me tomorrow to let me know when I start.  I expect it will be on Monday after work.

A close friend of mine found my Pinterest page, even though I have it under a false name.  I contacted him about it and he said he hadn’t actually looked at it yet.  I warned him that it tended toward being a little depressing.  In case you’re interested, here it is:

(BTW, my name isn’t Matt Smith)

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