Day 15

(Hazelden Day 2 of 32)

I was a little anxious going into rehab yesterday. Once it began, though, I fit right in and realized I was, in no uncertain terms, an addict.

The first half of the session was a large group meeting where he went over a modified version of cognitive behavioral therapy, with a focus on how it could be applied to people struggling with addiction. It culminated with an exercise where we identified errant beliefs resulting from the losses associated with addiction and continued abstinence and ways to dispute those beliefs.

The second part of the night involved being broken up into smaller groups. I don’t know how they broke it up, but it seems to be along the lines of your ‘drug of choice’. I appear to be in the hard drug users group. Being new, I had to tell my story. Not knowing if they had any guidelines set to not trigger people, I was pretty general at first. I then got some pretty pointed questions and I realized that anything goes. So, I let loose. I tell you what, I was completely on board with everything that people in the group talked about. One of the people in the group even told me that she had the same drug of choice as me.
As I go through the program, I intend to share my thoughts and feelings about it. However, out of respect for the others in the program, I’m going to try to refrain from telling their stories.

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