Day 35

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been holding back because I’ve been working on my recovery. I even found something to motivate me to start eating. I wanted to take my kids to England this summer to see some friends I have in Harrogate.

I made the proposal to my ex-wife this morning. She said “no”. So, fuck it.

I made it down to 136 a few days ago but, in an effort to get better, have actually eaten 6 days in a row and managed to put on a few pounds. Oh, and it turns out my scale is 8 pounds high. So that 136 is actually a 128. I’m officially underweight! Yay. 128 puts my BMI at 17.9 (even though I’m not that low anymore). New goal weight: 126 (BMI at just a smidge over 17.5 and an even 9 stone, in honor of my English friends).

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