Bulimic Holy Grail

I hit a sort of milestone today in my disordered eating career. Although I’m basicly anorexic, I will, on rare occassions, engage in binging and purging (I used to be bulimic, as well). This evening was one of those occassions.

So, I binged, mostly on stuff that is easy to get up (mmmm…. mashed potatoes) and retired to the bathroom. I started purging the way I normally do, took a break and, when I went to continue, I purged HANDS FREE! It was fucking awesome! I’ve always envied those who could merely lean over a toilet and just vomit, without having to stick a finger down their throat or anything.

And I did it! I almost want to b/p now, just so I can lock this skill in. I’m not going to, but I’m guessing I’ll get a chance to practice again soon enough.

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