Last blog post was ironic.

So, almost immediately after I declared “Drugs aren’t my problem… eating is!”, I go and buy a bundle and a bag of the finest junk available in Newark. I’m such an idiot. Or am I a genius? My  psychiatrist this morning was so hung up on my drugging that he didn’t even touch on my […]

Acknowledging the Obvious 

I reviewed my posts from a couple years ago. Given I stopped using halfway through my blog, it wound up being more focused on anorexia. I’m not using now, thankfully, but am all geared up for some starvation. So, expect most of my comments to be on eating disorders. I’m sure I’ll still talk about […]

Back in the Saddle

I’m back. My drug relapse, which began a few months ago, culminated in a week-long binge, shooting heroin, at the beginning of June. (23 days clean!) My anorexic relapse evidently has been on-going since January, but just took a serious turn two weeks ago. At one point, I went a full five days without eating. […]