Back in the Saddle

I’m back.

My drug relapse, which began a few months ago, culminated in a week-long binge, shooting heroin, at the beginning of June. (23 days clean!)

My anorexic relapse evidently has been on-going since January, but just took a serious turn two weeks ago. At one point, I went a full five days without eating. I’m a bit bigger than I was when I last reported my weight. I came in at 176 lbs. today. I started at about 189 lbs. so I guess doing 13 lbs. in 16 days works.

So, I guess I kind of missed the ‘actively using junkie’ timeframe. Oh, well. The main focus of the blog, at this point, will be anorexia. I’ve got a lot to catch you up on, but not just yet. For instance, I joined OA, am being visited by Mormon missionaries, was manic for about 10 days, and had my first boyfriend (sliding me down the sexuality scale from heteroflexible to bisexual).

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