Fucking Cravings

Yesterday was awful.  It was 29 days since I last shot up and I was totally consumed by the thought of using.  Basically, whenever I wasn’t working, I was completely focused on how I might go about getting drugs.  I discovered where to go in Salt Lake City to cop dope (Pioneer Park or outside […]

Nootropics et al

A friend of mine from rehab turned me on a couple weeks ago to a drug called phenylpiracetam. It is a cognitive enhancer as well as a mild stimulant. I, in turn, turned on another’s friend… a fellow heroin addict. Since then, she and I have been racing through our phenylpiracetam and researching other, mostly […]


I could not stop shooting up. My wife took away my money, so I traded both of my TVs for dope. A friend ODed in my living room. That scared me away for all of three days. I was getting kicked out of my apartment. I had to return my dog to the shelter. Ultimately, […]