What does ‘Delivery’ mean to DM?

So, a second day has come and gone, with a job status of ‘Delivery’ for three items.  Yet nothing has arrived.  It begs the question: “What exactly does the vendor (DM) think ‘Delivery’ means?”  I know what I think it means (short for ‘Out for Delivery’).  I wonder, without a tracking number, how do they […]

Deep Web Rant

Ok.  Now I know the markets on the deep web aren’t quite up to the ‘Amazon’ standard (though some do a damn fine job).  I also get that the packages being delivered generally undergo a stealthification process to mask any potentially illicit substances that may be contained within.  That said, it seems that sometimes there […]

More Crystal Meth et al

Ok.  I haven’t actually done more crystal meth.  I did, however, research more thoroughly typical using patterns for IV administration. It turns out that what I did, and just about everything I did, was way over the top.  Using every 4 hours?  Too much.  Slamming 250-300mg?  Way too much.  Going through an entire gram of […]

Crystal Meth

My first, of several, packages of hard drugs arrived yesterday: a gram of crystal meth.  This was the first time I ever used this drug and, being the good junkie that I am, I reached right for the needle.  Now, I didn’t want to fuck myself, so I did a little research and found that […]

I’m an Awful Person

I am a bad person.  I do horrible things.  I lie.  I cheat.  I steal.  I’m good at those things and, so, rarely get caught.  I used to feel bad about doing those things, but I’ve stopped.  It doesn’t really bother me any more.  The only thing that concerns me now is getting caught.  So, […]

Dark Web

So, I’ve wasted money on three failed copping exercises.  The first was an IRL one where I went the Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, UT.  I was so excited to be copping that my brain completely left me and I gave the dealer my $40 before he had the heroin for me.  He left […]

Taking it up a Notch

My story took a turn for the worse. My obsession with getting my hands on drugs, and my efforts to do so, appear to be paying off. Tuesday I copped, the old fashioned way, in Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City. I made a rookie mistake, though, and gave up the dealer my money before […]