Shooting Up (or ‘How Stupid Am I?’)

My obsession has caused me to buy a ten pack of insulin syringes at Walgreen’s yesterday.  I’m desperate now for something, anything to shoot up.  So, it turns out the phenylpiracetam I’ve been taking is mostly soluble in water.  There you go.  Even though it has near 100% bioavailability when taken orally (so the only noticeable change in effect is that the drug takes effect and wears off more quickly), the thought of shooting something up is a huge draw.  I wish I had dope, but at least I have something to shoot.  I’ll have more in the next week or two when I get paid and can buy my tianeptine (possible heroin substitute… mu-opioid agonist), phenibut (very much like a benzo, evidently), and adrafinil (a mild stimulant… probably not too different from the phenylpiracetam I’m on now).

On Thursday, I’m going to a neurologist appointment by myself in a neighboring town.  I found a part of a street that has had a couple heroin busts in the last few months, so I’ll swing by there, just to see if there is anything in particular going on there.  I forget what my second location is.

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