Taking it up a Notch

My story took a turn for the worse. My obsession with getting my hands on drugs, and my efforts to do so, appear to be paying off. Tuesday I copped, the old fashioned way, in Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City. I made a rookie mistake, though, and gave up the dealer my money before he had the half gram of dope on him. He took of to get it and I never saw it again. I’m such an idiot sometimes.

Simultaneously, I’ve been cultivating a number of online connections, two from Instagram (oxycodone) and two from Kik (heroin). I’ve already paid $200 to one of the Kik guys for an eightball of coke and 1 1/4 grams of dope (arriving in two days)… can you say speedball? From an Instagram guy, I’ve agreed to purchase, but haven’t paid for yet, 30x 40mg oxycodone for $120.

I may actually be able to pull off using, if I only do it late at night, but I have to stop after these drugs are gone. I’m going to completely fuck myself over otherwise.

And I almost forgot to mention it, but I accidentally came across a bottle of 5/325 Percocet yesterday. I took three, did a cold water extraction to get the oxycodone by itself, and then shot up for my first (mild) opiate high in over a month. The high didn’t last more than an hour or two but I’ll be damned if my pupils weren’t on the small side well into the evening.

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