Dark Web

So, I’ve wasted money on three failed copping exercises.  The first was an IRL one where I went the Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, UT.  I was so excited to be copping that my brain completely left me and I gave the dealer my $40 before he had the heroin for me.  He left to go get the dope and as soon as he left, I realized what I had done and started kicking myself.

The other two aborted attempts were through social media and all though neither worked out, they both were quite different from each other.  The first was Kevin.  He claimed he lived close enough to deliver personally to me.  I gave him half his money via bitcoin, and insisted he show up with the drugs before he gets the rest.  He agreed to this, I guess, on Saturday, but low-and-behold, he never showed (despite pressure from the gallery).  Kevin missed the meetup, but reached out a day or two later and we rescheduled for Wednesday.  Again, he was a no show.  This time, when I texted him, he told me had been pulled over.   He started to talk shit about how the cops were going to get my contact info unless I sent him some more money.  At this point, I called his bluff and told him to stop fucking around and get me my shit… that I make a lot of money and could be a very good customer, if he was really a drug dealer.  I haven’t heard from him since…

The other attempt was with McRoy.  He’s the main admin for the Kik chat group ‘Heroin A_Z’.  He claimed to be able to get stuff to me the next day with a tracking number.  So, I ordered a little and it wound up taking him days to get my stuff shipped.  I finally got a ‘tracking number’ from the tracking company Reliable Global Delivery Service (RGDS).  At this point, I was also asked to pay another $55 for ‘discrete’ shipping.  Ok.  Fine.  Whatever.  If you have some time and want to see a really piss-poor (and, obviously, fake) website, go to http://rgds.us/  Hell, why not?  Here’s my tracking number: 9SVJ94TI.  It hasn’t changed despite all the hubbub surrounding it.  So, shortly after getting all of that, RGDS emails me telling me I need to pony up another $600 (refundable… yeah, right) to get it around/through inspections that have been directed by customs.  That’s right, customs is now monitoring interstate traffic between Texas and Utah, in addition to all the border stuff they have to worry about.  I called McRoy on this bullshit and he said he’d cover half of the $600, but I needed to act fast because they don’t like packages hanging out that long there.  Bullshit, I said.  You never told me about the $600.  Take care of your customer and pick up the refundable tab.  He refused, but when I told him I couldn’t get money until like, next month, suddenly the urgency at getting the package out of limbo vanished.  At this point I told McRoy that I didn’t care whether his operation was real or fake… that I could significantly improve it anywhere.  Well, he stuck to his guns and continues to insist that I pay up before he will discuss anything with me.  So, I’m waiting and hoping for the best at this point.  Perhaps, not… We’re kinda on hold now until my next paycheck, at which point, if they can somehow manage to convince me that they’re legit, then I’ll get them going on my order.

Finally, with all the work I was doing, I came across something that showed real promise… the dark web.  I did the research and quickly found myself in the murkiest parts of the internet.  I visited Dream Market and Valhalla, where all manor of illegal things could be purchased: fake IDs, counterfeit money, pirated software, etc and, of course, drugs.  Now, the main thing about these sites that keeps the sellers from ripping of the buyers is the escrows they use for payment.  When you buy something, the money goes into escrow instead of directly to the seller.  The buyer then releases the money to the seller, once he receives the product he purchased!  Brilliant.  My first order was from Dream Market and was for 1 gram each of heroin, cocaine and MDMA.  I expect these items to start showing up in another 4 or 5 days.  Yesterday, I realized I needed more dope than that, so I went to Valhalla and purchased another 2 grams of heroin and a gram of crystal meth.  The heroin won’t be here for at least a week and a half, but there’s a good chance the meth will get here tomorrow!

Now, I’ve never done meth before and I definitely don’t have the hardware I need to smoke it, so I turned to a good friend on what to do with it.  She personally recommended both the traditional IV ROA and also, and more enthusiastically, injecting the very same solution up my ass.  I’ve thought about it and, based on her overwhelming recommendation, am going to go that route for my first meth use.


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