More Crystal Meth et al

Ok.  I haven’t actually done more crystal meth.  I did, however, research more thoroughly typical using patterns for IV administration.

It turns out that what I did, and just about everything I did, was way over the top.  Using every 4 hours?  Too much.  Slamming 250-300mg?  Way too much.  Going through an entire gram of meth in 13 hours?  Way way too much.  Basically, I’m pretty sure I coming off of a, at least a minor, meth overdose.

Needless to say, I just went a second straight night without sleep.  I still feel my heart beating a little more quickly than I’d like it to.  What I need is some heroin to slow me the fuck down.  And, maybe, today I’ll get a gram.  I finally got back on to Dream Market and was able to check my original Dark Web order (1g ea. of heroin, cocaine, mdma).  According to Dream Market, the status for all three of those items is ‘Delivery’.  Now, what does that actually mean?  I’d like to think it means the stuff is being delivered today.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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