Deep Web Rant

Ok.  Now I know the markets on the deep web aren’t quite up to the ‘Amazon’ standard (though some do a damn fine job).  I also get that the packages being delivered generally undergo a stealthification process to mask any potentially illicit substances that may be contained within.  That said, it seems that sometimes there are some business fundamentals that are being forgotten:

(1) Sign in and accept new orders and least once a day.  I’ve got one order with a vendor who is currently going on 5 days since his last sign in.  I’ve got another who logged in earlier today, ignored my order, and logged back out.

(2) Another market gives the status of the shipment.  Today, I had three items with a ‘delivery’ status.  I assumed that meant they’d be delivered today.  I would be wrong.  I was really desperate for dope today to offset the effects of my meth overindulgence 2 days ago, but that was evidently not meant to be.

Actually, I did come up with something to try instead of dope.  Yesterday, I threw down some seroquel and Vistaril… and I slept (after 65 hours).












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