Game On… ED Style

Two days in a row without purging. And now I’ve gone the entire day without eating. Finally. It’s been months since either of those things have happened. I know it’s not good that I’m pleased about this, but I am very pleased about this. Seriously, I weighed in at a whopping 179 this morning. That […]

Dark Web Blowback

I must got a text from my father. He just received a couple grams of cocaine in the mail from Holland from a drug order I must’ve placed almost two months ago. Fuck… I feel awful about it and will be calling with a formal apology soon. I honestly have lost track of all the […]

How am I going to stay clean? 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my post-sober living housing arrangements. I’ve broken it into three possible situations, neither of which will keep me clean by themselves (though they each pose different threats to my sobriety): Live alone. I did this this year. It failed, horribly. I think this is probably the worst option […]

17 Days Clean(ish)

No, I haven’t had a drug relapse. I have purged three times today though. I’m going to need a second sober date for when I finally kick my fucking eating disorder. It’d be really nice if I can do that before it leads to me picking up heroin again. I ate too much in the […]

IV Drug Use Drawbacks

I just had my first and, hopefully, last abscess drained yesterday. It was painful, though not as painful as I had been led to believe. It’s obviously a direct result of my IV drug use and it got me thinking about some of the negatives of that RoA. Now, I know me listing the dangers […]

Two Days Clean

I changed the title of this blog to Tales of a (recovering) anorexic junkie. I’ve hit my bottom and am going into sober living and treatment in a couple hours and I’m rededicating this blog to my recovery as I’m 98% certain that I’m not making it back in if I go out again. So, […]

At a Crossroads. 

My healthy mind and addict mind are locked in mortal combat for my soul. I moved (temporarily) to my wife’s ashram in the Pacific NW a little under a week ago. I can get better here… if I can get out of my own way. Talking to my wife and leadership here, the general consensus […]