Two Days Clean

I changed the title of this blog to Tales of a (recovering) anorexic junkie. I’ve hit my bottom and am going into sober living and treatment in a couple hours and I’m rededicating this blog to my recovery as I’m 98% certain that I’m not making it back in if I go out again.

So, what did my bottom look like? Well, I’ve basically been in full relapse mode since I got out of rehab three months ago. It’s just that in some of the places I’ve been since then, it’s been difficult to use (e.g., Utah). So, I had a minor falling out with my father in Utah two weeks ago, which has since turned into a major falling out. I was staying with my (now ex-) wife in the pacific NW for a week, when she turned me out on Thursday. I immediately picked up and made it a few days before my friends from rehab convinced me to get the help that I’m starting on today. So, my brief stint with homelessness, which began Thursday, ends this morning.

Also, it appears that my anonymity here has been compromised. Specifically, it appears my father knows about this blog. But that’s okay. One thing that this experience has shown me is who really cares about me… friends from rehab:  absolutely, close family (father, wife): not at all. In fact, my father is convinced I’ll be dead before the end of the month.

Seriously though, I’m looking forward to getting better so I can start supporting my kids properly again. And starting a wonderful new life with the people who really care about me.

And as a quick aside, I’d like to thank god for my true friends and the people at the place I’m going to shortly, who don’t judge me and only want to help out in any way they can.

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