Dark Web Blowback

I must got a text from my father. He just received a couple grams of cocaine in the mail from Holland from a drug order I must’ve placed almost two months ago. Fuck…

I feel awful about it and will be calling with a formal apology soon. I honestly have lost track of all the drugs I bought while I was in Utah. I know it was a lot (~$1500 worth). Obviously, some showed up while I was there. Since I left, I know some have shown up at another location as well. I wish there was a way to turn them off, but there isn’t. 

I’ve actually got mail being forwarded to me at my new place, but the USPS is evidently struggling a bit, because I’m getting some of my dad’s junk mail and he’s getting my drugs. I’d prefer they’d show up here. Not so I can use, but just so others don’t need to dispose of them. 

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