Game On… ED Style

Two days in a row without purging.

And now I’ve gone the entire day without eating.


It’s been months since either of those things have happened. I know it’s not good that I’m pleased about this, but I am very pleased about this. Seriously, I weighed in at a whopping 179 this morning. That is simply not acceptable. I know I was targeting 148 by the end of the year. That’s not achievable, unless I eat nothing between now and then, but at least now I stand a chance at making a reasonable dent in that 31 pounds by then.

I really hope my ED is transitioning to anorexia. I’ve been bulimic for way too long. Restricting is so much more satisfying than purging. Cleaner… more control… and much better weight loss results.

Most of the guys I hang with are pretty unaware of what’s going on and I was able to explain to a couple of the girls I spend time with, that I’d prefer they don’t make a big deal about shit if they see it happening.

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