Pro-Recovery Tattoos

I’ve got 5 tattoos (6, in another week), all of them inked in the last 3 or 4 months. 3 of them are pro-recovery (4, if you want to count my kids’ names in the shape of a heart). Anyway, they are:

  • Choose Life – an ’80s anti-drug campaign in the UK. It was cleverly coopted by the film Trainspotting, making this tattoo semi-ironic (or entirely ironic while I was shooting up inches away from it during my relapse).
  • No Day But Today – A line from a song in the musical Rent (about folks struggling with addiction and AIDS), it reflects just staying clean for one day… the current day.
  • Breathe – I got this, on a whim, two days ago. The semicolon is from #projectsemicolon and represents suicide prevention (and other mental health stuff). The blue symbol is for recovery from an eating disorder and the word “breathe” is to remind me to calm the fuck down.

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