Monte Nido Update

I found out yesterday that Monte Nido has accepted me into their eating disorder IOP. The emphasis in IOP this time is on the ‘I’ (intensive). This IOP meets seven days a week, for 4-5 hours each day. That’s considerably more than the PHP level substance abuse program I’m currently engaged in.

On the subject of that substance abuse program, I’m sitting down with the clinical director today to find out what they’re going to do with me, given the Monte Nido admission. I spoke with him briefly yesterday and he told me that he is very pleased with the progress I’ve made since I got back from my relapse. He also said that he thinks my ‘non-addiction disorders’ (i.e., eating disorder, bipolar, borderline, etc) are far more concerning than my substance abuse at this point. Those statements lead me to believe that they are going to drop me to a 3-day evening IOP program or even a 2-day OP program when I talk to him today.

I tend to agree with him on this. I mean, my eating disorder pre-dates my drug abuse by 12 years. More recently, I started ‘acting on symptoms’ last year two months before I relapsed on drugs again. Even more recently, I’ve been bingeing since I got back from my relapse this month and, in the last week or so, have started purging again.

So, yeah… Monte Nido… I’m looking forward to hearing what the drug abuse program’s clinical director has to say today and, even more so, looking forward to maybe, for once, normalizing my eating. That hasn’t happened since I left Sheppard Pratt’s eating disorder unit back at the beginning of 2014.

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