Breathing Room and My Bloody Best Friend

Monte Nido has granted me some breathing room. It turns out they initially gave me the wrong schedule. The IOP isn’t quite as intensive as I was originally led to believe. Instead of 7 days/week, it’s actually only 5. That makes a huge difference in me being able to meet my professional obligations.

The changed schedule also means I’ll see more of, who at this point must be referred to as, my best friend, N (from my ‘Polyamory’ post). In fact, thanks to the schedule change, I was able to blow off my evening substance abuse treatment (don’t worry, I’m making it up tomorrow morning) and spend all afternoon and evening with her. We spent the time going to 12-step meetings and fucking off in between them. We had a fantastic time.

At this point, I can think of no one I’d rather spend my (limited) free time with. I really, really hope we’re able to move in together in the next year or so. That would be bloody spectacular. We just get along so bloody well, it’s bloody ridiculous. (Currently channeling my inner bloody Englishman.)

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