I’m married.  And I date other people.  So does my wife.

I’m in sober living right now (which is exactly where I need to be), but this is, by definition, only temporary.  I’ve started thinking about what my living situation will look like when I get a place of ‘my own’ (I’ll definitely be living with at least one other person.)

My wife and I want to get a place together in 4 or 6 or 8 or however many months.  Another woman (N) and I also want to do the same.  Neither of them, at this point, know that I want to move in with both of them.  I need to talk to both of them about this and pretty soon.  I like to think that both of them will be ok being roommates, as well.  I hope, anyway.

Now, my wife and I actually have a platonic relationship and sleep in separate bedrooms.  That’s all fine and dandy.  N has a boyfriend.  At the same time N and I are very close.  To quite a recent text from her: “You mean a lot to me, more than you even know.”  So, yeah.  I have no idea where our relationship is going.  We love each quite a bit, but things are complicated.  At the that the fact that we’re both in early recovery from heroin addiction and, well… who knows?  I love the way we are together now and don’t want to lose that but at the same time, I’d like to grow our relationship further.  I’ve done some I Ching readings about it and I’m just going to practice loving her without getting attached, if I can.

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