My Wife vs. My Bloody Best Friend

I’ve shared some of my exchanges with N. Here’s what I just had with my wife, J:

J: Did you not pay the at and t bill?

Anorexic Junkie: I haven’t gotten the bill yet. And I was on the phone with them just a few days ago and it wasn’t ready yet. Why did you think I didn’t pay it?

J: I just couldn’t get online, but I fixed it… I had tried everything that you are supposed to and it wasn’t working… so I thought that maybe it was cause it was off… but, like I said, I fixed it

I feel attacked by the initial implication that I fucked up paying a bill. I think it was the ‘not’ in the sentence that kinda cheesed me off. For some reason, I feel that she could’ve asked nicer of I had paid the bill.

Am I wrong? Is this all in my head? Honestly, does my reaction to this merely highlight my own insecurities and issues. I don’t think so, but I’m really not sure. I’ve never asked for comments before, but I am now. Please, let me know if I’ve lost the plot on this one.

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