Codependent No More

Ok, so that’s actually the name of a book… a copy of which I have, but have never read. I’m going to read it now. Funnily enough, one of my groups for my ED IOP had us listing the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. My relationship with N falls somewhere in the middle.

We joke about being codependent, but I’m starting to realize that it’s not a joke. I’m going to talk to her about this tonight because I think moving in together might be problematic if we don’t do something to curb our codependency somewhat.

Ironically, I’m giving her an unsolicited gift this evening as well.

Overall though, the IOP this morning was very good. I’m in a much better head space today than I was yesterday. I’m eating. I feel, generally, good. I’m not going to call or text N… I’ll just see her tonight in a large, prearranged group setting and have the codependency conversation with her.

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