Manic AF

I speculated in an earlier post about the possibility that I was becoming manic.  As of this morning, I’m about 95% certain I am.  I have slept 4, 3 and 2 hours the last three nights, respectively.  I woke up at 3.45am this morning and just bounced out of bed.  I’ve been working (when I can keep my attention focused) and talking with anyone I can pin down.

I blasted my still groggy roommate when he came downstairs for a cigarette.  I texted another friend at 6am.  She responded, so I called her and we launched into a game of truth or dare.  We kept choosing ‘truth’.  I think that dares lose their effectiveness when you’re not actually there to see them being performed.  TBH, that was the first time I’ve ever engaged in truth or dare.  It was pretty interesting.

OMG.  My mania theme song just came on!  “Can’t Sleep” by K. Flay.  I was introduced to this artist, and this song in particular, while I was in rehab this summer and horrendously manic at that time, as well.

I actually got to meet K. Flay a few weeks ago when she came to Portland to put on a concert.  I paid $89 for a VIP ticket that got me a meet & greet, some swag and attendance at a brief acoustic session with Kristine (who, coincidentally, played “Can’t Sleep” during that acoustic set.


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