No Journal

I left my journal at home. Oops. So, I guess I’m left with blogging for now.

I reported my mania to N. She is quite concerned and wants me to get a bridge subscription until my insurance gets sorted. I told my therapist at my substance abuse IOP and he said the same. I suppose I should do that, though I am reluctant to give up the mood I’m riding.

To normal people who want an idea of what mania is like, imagine this: You are full of energy. You sleep 2 hours, waking up like you just slept for 8. Your head is full of ideas, each one better than the last. You are exuberant. You may be a bit scattered, as your mind jumps about.

To the drug addicts: you’re on cocaine or, maybe, meth, but more like coke.

To the eating disordered: eating becomes optional.

Sometimes, you become a bit detached from reality. I once enrolled, and started classes, in nursing school during a manic episode. Right now, that’s happening a bit. I know I need meds, but my disease is trying to convince me to stay off of the meds. Hopefully, I’ll do the right thing.

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