Pressured Speech aka Verbal Diarrhea

I blasted two friends on the phone with my ‘pressured speech’. I’m still at the point where I feel compelled to pace around constantly and spew whatever pops into my head. I guess that’s somewhat associated with the (rarely spoken of) discomfort associated with mania.

If you don’t think about it, you don’t even notice it, but it’s there. All this excess energy that has to go somewhere. I mean, I’m on the bus now and, as soon as I sat down, I started making fists with my toes as a means of bleeding off this excess energy.

N is right. I’m somewhat insane right now. I’m not delusional or anything, but my ability to have insight to my condition is definitely hampered by where I’m at in my mania.

I just hope I don’t do or say anything I’ll later regret.

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