Lithium (Sigh…)

I’m outside Walgreens, waiting for it to open in 5 minutes. I’m finally filling my lithium prescription before going into my substance abuse treatment.

I am a little saddened. I’ve been enjoying my mania for the last week and this will probably bring it to an end over the next week.

I never know what to expect when I wake up. For the first few minutes, I feel ‘normal’. Then, if I’m manic, my energy will start to spike or, if I’m depressed, I’ll collapse back into bed. Wait. I suppose that’s not entirely true. I’ll know roughly how much I’ve slept. If it’s closer to 3 hours, I’m manic, closer to 10 hours, depressed.

I know all my friends and mental health professionals will be happy I’m doing this. Ironically, it will definitely make me less exuberant.

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