Hexagram 49 – Revolution

Holy shit.

I had done a couple of I Ching readings earlier today about relationships… N & D, N & me. They were both fairly typical in that nothing really shocking or significant was revealed. I just shared them with N. She was, for the most part, in agreement with me on this. Then she wanted me to do a reading for her…

The reading she got was Hex 49 changing to Hex 63. Basically, it told her what she already knew in her heart but what she had intentionally been overlooking: that it was time to break up so that she could grow, heal and become her ‘authentic self’.

It was very specific to the situation, and it made N basically have a panic attack. I tried to calm her down and, while I was doing so, she sent him a text message telling him that they were over (always a big fan of pulling off the bandage quickly).

Whoa. Needless to say, D called N almost immediately. So, I hopped off of the phone so they could speak and resolve this. That was probably 10 or 15 minutes ago. I’m assuming they’re still talking at this point and probably will be for a bit more yet.

I also suppose they might be working things out. I guess that they could still stay together, though that seems unlikely, at this point…

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