Relationship Chaos

It’s interesting.  Since I’m good friends with D and very, very good friends with N, I get to hear both sides of what they’re going through as they try to figure out whether or not they want to stay in their relationship.

Last night, they were on the phone for maybe an hour and a half after N sent her “It’s over” text.  Immediately following their conversation, D wanted me to walk with him to the local convenience store and N wanted me to call her.  I did the former and then the latter.  D said that he had been intending to break up with her, but now was a bit uncertain.  N basically said the same thing.

Today, they’re meeting up downtown around midday to figure out if their relationship is worth salvaging at this point.  One astute observation that D made was that, because of everything that has gone down in the last 48 hours, he doesn’t see a positive outcome, regardless of whether they stay together or not.  I tend to agree with him.

Ironically, because of my relationship with both of them, I probably have better insight into where they’re heading than either of them have individually.  I mean, I think I’ve spent more time speaking with each of them about their relationship (certainly, N), than they have with each other.  That said, I think they’d both be better off if they broke up.  I don’t see either of them being able to, as much as they might want to, make the changes they need to in order to bring their relationship back to a healthy homeostasis.

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