I just got to the MAX (light rail) station near my house to go into town and hang out a bit before my EDA meeting. While walking here, I had the brilliant thought to get off in Chinatown and pick up a half gram of meth. I know that’s a horrible idea and yet and can’t seem to push it away. Stupid disease. I’m going to see if I can do a YouTube video from my phone and post the link.

More on this craving…

[Edit: 11.17pm, 2 March 2018: For the record, on this trip, I did actually purchase the meth that kicked off the series of events the ultimately led to my relapse two days ago. Also, for the record, when I did decide to buy some, I knew it was a horrible idea that would ultimately come back to ruin me. I wish I could say the whole 20/20 eyesight thing, looking back, but I know that’s bullshit. I’m an addict, plane and simple.

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