4th Step

One of the nice things about 12 step programs is that the working of the steps is basically interchangeable. I’m fact, the steps are identical, with the exception of the first where you admit you are powerless over [whatever addiction you’re dealing with… food, drugs, alcohol, etc].

I’ve started working the steps with two others from my EDA group (co-sponsoring!) one of whom, like myself, has previously worked the steps in another program. The main purpose of the steps is to learn how to effectively live life on life’s terms. A secondary purpose for us is to get to the point where we can start sponsoring others in EDA as our brand-new meeting is the only one of it’s sort in Oregon and there is literally no one in the position to sponsor anyone else at this time.

Anyway, the fourth step is the “searching and fearless moral inventory” where one dredges through one’s past to identify the dysfunctional patterns that have driven one’s disordered behavior. And the EDA guidance for doing the fourth step is so much better than any other 12 step program I’ve been exposed to (sorry, AA).

We’re targeting to have our first inventory, covering resentments, complete by next Sunday (10 days from now. Once we’ve done that, and are comfortable with the process, we’ll complete the other 7 inventories and move on from there. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m really looking forward to getting this shit out there, so I can start fixing my life.

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