Next Steps

I spoke with my mentor this evening about my plan to get some sort of health insurance, get into some long term residential treatment and get out of my current job. He thinks it’s a good idea. I already know my wife thinks I need long term residential treatment.

So, tomorrow, I’ll work a little, but I’ll mostly be focused on getting my health insurance sorted. I’m going to call the marketplace, explain my situation, and go from there. Quitting my job to get on OHP will be my last resort but I’m totally willing to that if all my other efforts are fruitless.

I’d like to be in treatment by this time next week. I have no idea if that’s reasonable or not but it at least gives me something to shoot for.

The drama queen in me just had the following idea… if none of this works and I get to the point that I’m ready to shoot up a half gram of dope to end things, I’m going to be very public in making sure people know how Moda contributed to my suicide. There is already a good overview in my previous blog entries. It would just be a matter of fleshing it out a bit more here and then blasting to the right people.

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