ED Mentor

I mentioned that I started running about a week ago. I’ve only made two runs so far because I overdid it the first two days and I am still dealing with a muscle pull in my right quad a week later. I’m going to get back to running as soon as that heals completely. I’m sure my current level of nutrition is slowing down the healing process.

Anyway, I live in a sober living house with 12 other men. Of them all, there is exactly one person (B) who knows I have an eating disorder; he asks a lot of questions and, when pressed, I’ll sometimes be honest about me eating.

Anyway, last night, he approached me about providing him accountability for his own plans for exercise (and eating? and weight loss? I don’t know his ultimate goal). I thought it odd, initially, and pointed out that, with me being very active in my eating disorder right now, I might not be the healthiest individual to be assisting in such an endeavor. After further consideration, I thought of two possibilities as to why he might be asking this of me:

  1. Most likely, he has limited experience with somebody who has an eating disorder. He sees me as someone who is driven in my exercise regimen and equally driven in controlling what I put in (and take out of) my mouth and wants to leverage some of that drive to better his own health. I guess I’m ok with this. I think its highly unlikely that anything I do would result in him picking up an ED of his own. I will probably have to be somewhat deceitful about my practices, lest he sees exactly how crazy I actually am. Which leads to…
  2. He wants to monitor me (Hello, transient paranoia!). He knows what I’m dealing with. Maybe he does have experience with people who have eating disorders and wants to make sure I don’t get too out of control. He did text me last night, asking if I had eaten yesterday. “Yes. Some.” was my response.

I guess, time will tell what his intentions actually are. Again, I tend to see people in such a light that I suspect its the first option. Accountability starts in a week or so, when he returns from a visit to his family.

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