The meditation at the Refuge Recovery meeting worked wonders. A couple of key phrases: May I be at ease with my mind. May I be at ease with my thoughts. I feel much more settled now. The crazy thoughts are still there, but they’re much more subdued at this point. I like to think that […]

Losing It (a Bit)

I feel like my grasp on reality is loosening slightly. It’s weird. I’m weird. I’ve meditated, worked and am about to head out to a Refuge Recovery meeting. So, I’m doing the right things. My head is all out of sorts, though. In the last couple of hours, it seems like my rational brain has […]

60 Days

The good news is that I’ve reached a fairly significant milestone (60 days clean) in my recovery. It has been almost exactly 14 months since I’ve managed to put together more than 60 days clean and it’s nice to pass the checkpoint. I’m certainly not out of the woods yet, but I’m in much better […]


I am not in good shape. I mean, I think I’m doing ok and then something happens, or I do something, or I get a crazy phone call that just pushes me further toward relapse. Before I go any further, allow my to clarify that I have not relapsed. I’m not going to go into […]

Feeling Tired? Or Strange? I Don’t Know…

I’m think I’m actually definitely tired. I haven’t gotten enough calories today (surprise). I ate a very small breakfast (a hard boiled egg). I also had rather modest meals for lunch and dinner… and purged a good chunk of each of those. I also walked at least 10 miles today, so there’s that to. I […]

Orcish Post-Mortem

The first act of Romeo and Juliet was pretty solid and enjoyable. After the intermission, however, it went off the rails. The acting was still respectable, although Juliet did make a small error and then inadvertently apologized to the audience. No, the real problem was on the tech side. It seemed like the second act […]

Romeo & Juliet a lá Tolkien

I’m about to watch an Orcish take on Shakespeare’s classic. The theater is pretty neat… classic (maybe seats 150). The company is relatively small, which is kind of nice as it’s the one I’m auditioning with next week. It would be nice to make some thespian friends again. I usually fit in pretty well with […]