Does Purging Cause Water Retention?

I think it does.

Whenever I purge in the evening, I always seem to weigh a lot more in the morning. For instance, I was six pounds heavier this morning than I was yesterday. For those unfamiliar, it takes an increase of 3500 above your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to gain a pound (or a similar decrease to lose one). I was no where anywhere close to consuming an extra 21k calories yesterday.

So, what gives?

Like I said, this seems to be a pretty regular thing. Today I ate during the middle of the day, purged some of it and then ran 6+ miles. Once again, I’m hungry as I’m going to bed. There’s a pizza calling my name, but I am touching nothing at this point.

I expect my weight will be lower again tomorrow, but I don’t know by how much. I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up that much. My weight is dropping overall despite the occasional fluctuations like I had today. I also measure myself in waist size and, as of today, I’m comfortably back in my 30″ waist jeans. So, that’s a good thing… maybe… probably not. Oh, well. I’ve run 14 miles in the last three days and am pretty pleased with how that’s progressing.

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