Job Interview

Amazon just invited up to Seattle in two weeks for an interview. I’d like to go, but my wife would rather I didn’t until I’m more stable. I do agree with get somewhat on that point. I’ve got a couple things pushing me to go still:

  1. If I land the job, my health insurance conundrum would be instantly resolved.
  2. The fact that the only contract at my current job is running out would be rendered moot.
  3. I have a chance to work for fucking Amazon!

I’m going to arrange a meeting between my wife, my boss and myself for sometime next week to assess the current situation (ref. Point 2); it’s better to have a job in Seattle for a little while than to be unemployed.

Anyway, I’m not going to turn off the interview just yet, given the outstanding issues. We’ll see what my boss has to say and then go from there.

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