Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (TW)

My eating improved for a couple of days (thank you, Ensure), but it became too much… At least for today. I’ve been watching the needle on the scale creep back up, and I just couldn’t eat today.

I was offered a delicious looking quiche at lunch and had to say ‘no’. I was offered more food 20 minutes ago. Again, my ED put the kibosh on it. It’s 10.30pm, the only calories I’ve consumed today came from two non-fat lattes and I burned 996 calories (new phone app!), running 6.83 miles, from the house to the AA meeting tonight (and I do love those ‘exact’ numbers).

I normally am uncertain about whether I’ll weigh in higher or lower every morning, but I like days like today because, even though I’m going to bed hungry (which sucks), I know I will weigh less tomorrow (which rocks).

I want to go to sleep now, so I can wake up and see how much I weigh.

I also get to see my wife tomorrow. I’m thinking “bulky clothes”…

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