Recap (and some I Ching)

That brief text from N obviously threw me for a loop today. I just wanted to put out a few more items of interest on the subject:

  1. I was actually creating a board on Pinterest about my feelings toward N when the text message showed up around midnight last night (weird). Some of those pins, I have been adding to the last few posts on the subject. I think I’ve given my Pinterest info in one of my past blogs. Don’t bother looking it up… I’ve got the board I created last night set to ‘private’.
  2. I put on Dido (Life for Rent) this morning, when I headed out to the tax preparer. The first song up (White Flag) was eerily appropriate to the situation. Again, weird.
  3. I sent that letter that I wrote over a week ago… in for a penny, in for a pound.
  4. On that note, I did an I Ching reading tonight on the situation. I received Hexagram 35 (Progress) with changing line 3, turning into Hexagram 56 (The Wanderer). I wish I had done it earlier, as it seems that maybe I over-extended myself in my communications. I also interpreted them as telling me to now back the fuck off, let time do it’s healing and there will be a decent chance that I’ll eventually be forgiven (no time line on that, of course).

I intend to drop this subject at this point, at least, for the foreseeable future. I think I’ve pretty much beat this to death with the last few posts. I’m still going forward with the expectation of not hearing anything immediately or, possibly, ever (the latter of which would really suck).

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