Just Bumped Into N

I ran into her and she was coming out of the Alano Club and I was coming in. She didn’t have much time to talk, as she was on her way to yoga. I’m trying to replay everything that was said and parse it. I haven’t been able to get the handful of people I might process this with on the phone yet, so I’m writing here until then…

Some of the salient points:

  • She has forgiven me.
  • She will respond to the text I sent earlier (her response times on things like that are not historically fantastic).
  • The treatment center evidently forbade her from having contact with me. I don’t know any of the details surrounding that, but she’s obviously willing to bend the rules somewhat.

Despite the generally positive nature of our meeting, my brain is still fucking with me. Although things seem to be heading in the right direction to restore some sort of relationship, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m probably going to text her later and see if she’s comfortable having a substantial conversation (however that may look, given the constraints she’s operating under).

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