Reset Purge Day Count (TW)

I was evidently over 5 days since I purged last. I only know that because I had to reset it 10 minutes ago.

I estimate that I ate about 1700 calories today, which is roughly my BMR. I ran for about 800 calories today and just purged about 300 calories. Fuck. Maybe I ate 2000. I wasn’t as diligent as I normally am. I should definitely have a net negative for the day. BMR + run is at least 2500 calories and I definitely haven’t eaten that much, not even counting the small purge I just had.

I’m betting I still go up from the 165.8 pounds I weighed in at this morning. It seems like I alternate going up and down each day. I mean, unless I restrict the entire day and exercise, if I lose weight one day, I’m going to bounce up the next. I am definitely heading down, though, and I try to keep that in mind so I don’t flip out when I get on the scale every other morning.

Here’s my screenshot of the last three months:

The dip at the beginning of March was related to my last relapse (meth makes it really easy to not eat). There’s obviously a trend, to the tune of losing 3-4 weeks per month. That’s about a pound a week… Which equates to a weekly shortage of 3500 calories or a daily shortage of 500 calories. The decrease was more gradual at the beginning of the period (pre-exercise). I’ll have a better feel for how the exercise is impacting my weight loss in another couple of weeks. It would be great if I could hit 1.5 pounds lost per week from here on out.

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