Orcish Post-Mortem

The first act of Romeo and Juliet was pretty solid and enjoyable. After the intermission, however, it went off the rails.

The acting was still respectable, although Juliet did make a small error and then inadvertently apologized to the audience. No, the real problem was on the tech side.

It seemed like the second act just hadn’t been through a proper tech rehearsal… the scene changes were just too damn slow. The scenes were principally changed through the rotation of six triangular uprights, but it seemed like they typically had only one or two people moving them and taking a long time to hit their marks. It got to the point where they’d have a 5 minute scene change, followed by a 3 minute scene, followed by another 5 minute scene change. Unacceptable. Once, they had one of the 6 with the incorrect face towards the audience. I hadn’t even realized it… until they started rotating it in the middle of the scene!

Ugh. I think I’m still going to audition on Tuesday. I really want to act, but I’m going to be honest about what I saw and offer my technical services as well. I refuse to act in a show that suffers from those sorts of problems. This probably sounds arrogant but I have a lot of experience in this arena and I want to help them avoid a repeat of what I just experienced.

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