Saw My Wife Today (ED TW)

First, let me just get this out there. Its been a few years since I’ve been anorexic without any ‘chemical assistance’ and I’ve forgotten how fucking exhausting it is to be chronically undernourished without the energy kick that something like crystal meth provides.

Anyway, it didn’t take my wife two minutes to declare me ‘too thin’. I knew it was coming, so I wasn’t bothered. And she was definitely coming from a place of love. I did notice her surreptitiously checking my ribs when we hugged. Ok. Stuff like that happens.

I was honest with her and told her I went through a phase of running too much and that, everytime I tried to eat normally, my urges to use would spike. As someone in recovery from drug addiction and an eating disorder herself, she totally got it and, while not happy about my weight loss, definitely prefers it to me using drugs.

Oh, and I hit a new LW today: 158.6. So, I’m still losing weight, but much more slowly now that I’ve stopped running. I guess, that’s kinda ok?

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