I am in the process of lining up a small apartment, not far from where my wife lives. I’m working through the details with the individual renting it right now. It’s a modest 1BR with all new stuff, hardwood floors, a/c and utilities for $1000/mo. Easily affordable to me.

My wife won’t be pleased, but I think I’m going to stand my ground on this one. Obviously, getting a lease is moving away from my previous “Burn it to the Ground” post. That’s obviously a good thing.

Granted, it would slightly increase the chances of a relapse, but I think, if a relapse is in the cards, where I’m living isn’t necessarily going to stop it. Plus, if the worst were to happen, at least I wouldn’t wind up homeless as a result. If I stick close to my Refuge Recovery friends, and continue to work my program, I think my odds will be good.

I’m ready to do this. I’ve been in sober living for almost 8 months and I’m done living with a dozen other guys. I’d like to be able to Skype my boss without shirtless dudes walking around behind me.

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