Trainspotting (The Book)

For those of you unaware, Trainspotting was originally a novel, by Irvine Welsh, before it was made into a film. I’ve been slowly working my way through it for the last several months, partly because parts of it are a bit triggering (not surprisingly) and partly because it’s written in ‘Scottish’ and takes a little warming up to every time I pick it up.

Anyway, for those of you familiar with the film, there’s the memorable scene when Mark Renton’s (Ewan McGregor) shag from the previous evening, Dianne (Kelly McDonald), comes in to where Mark is having breakfast, with who turns out to be Diane’s parents, in her school uniform. It is heavily implied in the film that she is underage, but there is no explicit detail given.

That detail is given in the book. So, she doesn’t look this young in the film, but she is actually supposed to be only 14 years old.

Fun fact for those of you who have taste in film that spans from Disney to Danny Boyle, Kelly McDonald voiced Merida in the film of the same name (for folks outside the US). The film’s US title is ‘Brave’. Not sure why the different name…

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